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Urban Struggles

Episode #338 | Added February 3, 2008

Today on Context with Lorna Dueck: Urban Struggles. What's being done about low income, violence and children at risk?

Today - a look at a confusing picture around poverty and urban struggle in Canada. While experts debate the data on poverty, no one can argue this fact: Canada is one of the wealthiest countries in the world.

 And yet millions in this nation struggle daily against the painful realities of low income, and lack of resources.  

Even our schools are no longer the safe-havens they once were. A recent panel investigation into school-based violence in Toronto blamed a culture of silence and fear among students and staff that’s leading to unreported incidents.

Today, we’re seeking understanding and inspiration on urban struggles. We’ll meet a group of urban, single moms best described as heroes. And we'll find out what they face when they send their children to school. 

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Colin McCartney
Executive Director, Urban Promise Toronto

Peter Kentie
Children and Youth Program Director, Urban Promise Toronto

Christine Lee
Family Support Ministry, Urban Promise Toronto

UrbanPromise Toronto is a registered Christian non-profit charitable organization that is dedicated to meeting the needs of children, youth, and their families in at-risk communities across the Greater Toronto Area.

Our mission is to empower children, youth and their families to realize life’s full potential by equipping them with the skills and resources necessary for spiritual growth, academic achievement, life management and leadership.

Liz Weaver
Director, Hamilton Roundtable on Poverty Reduction.

Hamilton, Ontario, is a vibrant community with a proud history of achievement. It’s a city located in an outstanding natural environment, and one that is rich in arts and culture. Hamilton has business, health and educational organizations that are famous world-over.

But poverty is Hamilton’s biggest challenge, with 20 per cent of its citizens living at or below the poverty line.

As a community, Hamilton is saying this is unacceptable. In spring 2005, a multi-sector Roundtable for Poverty Reduction was formed and the Tackling Poverty in Hamilton initiative began.

Purpose of the Tackling Poverty in Hamilton initiative
We want to rally community involvement and marshal community resources in order to reduce the number of individuals and families living in poverty in Hamilton, while preventing future generations from experiencing conditions of poverty.

Guiding principles of the initiative
As Hamiltonians come together to tackle poverty in our community, we recognize that success will involve a change in the way we approach this issue and implement solutions.
Despite all the work underway in our community, real progress will only occur when we make significant changes to the culture of our community with respect to the way we view poverty and seek to address it.

Todd Bender,
Executive Director, City Kidz

Our Mission: To inspire. To instill. To impact.
City Kidz inspires each child to believe they are created with purpose, with destiny. We will inspire them to dream big dreams, and to follow their dreams with passion. To live their lives in pursuit of God, His plans, His purposes for their lives.
City Kidz instills Christian values and morals, which lay the foundation and attitude for dreams to be built and destiny’s to be reached.
City Kidz influences the choices and decisions each child makes which has a direct impact on the direction and outcome of their lives, helping each achieve their God given potential.


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