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Tragedy in Bridgewater

Episode #343 | Added March 9, 2008

Today on Context with Lorna Dueck: parenting trials that turn to tragedy. The circumstances surrounding a Nova Scotia pre-teen's murder send ripples of horror through parents everywhere. Karissa Boudreau. It's a name that should have remained relatively unknown. A name that belonged to a 12-year-old girl. But Karissa's name hit the headlines, when she disappeared after arguing with her mother in the parking lot of a Nova Scotia store. Two weeks later, police recovered her body from a river. Her death has been labeled homicide. Every parent of adolescents knows the stresses of raising teens. Today, we'll explore those stresses and we'll also look for spiritual solutions that can make a difference.

Lorna's Wrap


Parenting Teens: Are We Having Fun Yet?

The Parent-Teen Relationship:
How Parents Can Make the Most of It?


Registered Family and Marriage Therapist

Andrea Groenewald, M.Div., RMFT, is a Registered Marriage Therapist with the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy. She has a Master of Divinity in Counselling and a Certificate in Couple and Family Therapy Studies. Andrea has been trained in "Prepare and Enrich," a helpful couple inventory for engaged, married and re-married couples. Over the past 16 years she has met with individuals and groups from culturally diverse backgrounds to work collaboratively towards life and family goals. During this time she has seen many people exercise courage and strength in overcoming challenges and adversity in their lives.

Executive Director, Child Find Nova Scotia

Child Find is the largest and oldest missing children's network in the country. Our purpose is to assist in locating missing and exploited children to reunite them with their lawful parent or guardian. We are a non-profit agency, and all our services are free. Each provincial office is incorporated as an independent charitable entity. Through child safety programs, public speaking, child fingerprinting clinics, publication of pictures of missing children and the recognition of Missing Children's Day, we work to prevent future abduction and exploitation of children.

Friend of the Boudreau Family
Started a Facebook page in memory of Karissa Boudreau

Salvation Army Church, Bridgewater, N.S.
Organized Community Prayer Vigil for Karissa Boudreau

RCMP, “H” Division, Nova Scotia
Media Relations Officer for Karissa Boudreau case

South Shore Regional School Board, Nova Scotia

Resident of Bridgewater, Nova Scotia

Resident of Bridgewater, Nova Scotia

Former Teenage Runaway

Bridgewater Police, Nova Scotia

Dr. Karyn Gordon
A leading North American Youth / Generation Y expert, consultant, speaker and author, Dr. Karyn is an indispensable resource for leaders, presidents, managers and parents who truly want to “get” this generation. Her gift is communicating playfully, passionately and pragmatically helping Generation Y and those who work with them understand this unique generation


THE CONTEXT on January 27. 12-year-old Karissa Boudreau disappears. Karissa's mother Penny Boudreau tells police the two had argued in the parking lot of a grocery store. Penny reports she went into the grocery store, returning 10 minutes later to find her daughter missing. February 9. Karissa's body is found--covered in snow beside the bank of the Lahave River. Not far from where her mother says she was last seen alive. Police are treating her death as a homicide, an isolated incident, the first in Bridgewater since 1993.

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