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Prosperity Redefined

Episode #1306 | Added November 15, 2013

Redefining 'prosperity.' Is a new generation of churches implying that God will reward the faithful with material wealth?  'Pray for pay'- the so-called 'prosperity gospel'. 

Lorna's Wrap

Maybe we get confused about prosperity gospel because we are actually hard wired by God for pleasure. I'm of the view that the great existential purpose we exist for is to bring God pleasure. So, it's easy to see why we're drawn like a magnet to pleasure. To prosperity. Could it be that the wealth and health of the prosperity Gospel takes a great leap off this idea? It actually minimizes prosperity to be something that can be merely measured in bank balance or a medical chart.
Spiritual riches go deeper. Check out more on the pleasure of God with the resources we've put on the web episode. Be well and prosper!



Rev. Adam Edgerly
Pastor, Newsong Los Angeles Covenant Church

Fr. Terence Fay
Professory, History of Religion - Toronto School of Theology   

Pastor Orim Meikle 
Pastor, Rhema Christian Ministries  


Everyone is 'for' prosperity, but what the heck is it?  Is it 'Pray for Pay' as some 'prosperity' preachers suggest- where faith in God will beget you material wealth?  With the upstart success of the new TV Reality series "Preachers of L.A.", we'll ask if God is being manipulated, or just misunderstood on getting rich.  This is Context - a look at life beyond the headlines.

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