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October 8, 2006 Episode #286

Sick & Tired

Today on Context with Lorna Dueck, some practical tools for feeling better. From the worst disease in the world to the common loss of hope in our health,  insights for your well being. Today we tackle the fear that our health... see more
October 1, 2006 Episode #285

Divorce in Canada

Today on Context with Lorna Dueck - changes in divorce rulings in Canada expand what commitment will cost, even after a break up. The messy business of putting marriage to rest has been given a reality check from Canada's Supreme Court. ... see more
September 24, 2006 Episode #284

Down Under: Australia's Cultural Exports

Cultural branding has been a lucrative export for Australia and since the Australia Free Trade Agreement was made with the United States last January, the growing trend is likely to continue. But Australia's cultural image is also popular... see more
September 16, 2006 Episode #283

The Price of Peace in the Middle East

Today we look at bridging centuries of hostility between Arab and Jew. The latest damage done was a 34 day war between Israel and the Hezbollah militia of Lebanon. While UN troops now navigate the region for peace, recovery and stability... see more
September 10, 2006 Episode #281

Two Tents: Caledonia Native Crisis

Today on Context with Lorna Dueck, the battle for law and order when neighboring citizens can't agree on whose law rules the land. We look at Canada's home on native land and the Caledonia dispute next.

Old thoughts of racism have come... see more
September 3, 2006 Episode #282

Anne Graham Lotz

Billy Graham gained world attention in 1949 with a tent revival in downtown Los Angeles that was scheduled for three weeks and lasted six. In the past 55 years, "Billy Graham Crusades" consistently drew audiences of thousands to arenas and... see more
August 27, 2006 Episode #280

Waveland - 1 Year Later

 Waveland - 1 Year Later
see more
November 20, 2005 Episode #255
October 16, 2005 Episode #250
September 12, 2005 Episode #245

Hope to the Rescue

In this episode, Listen Up (now Context TV) highlights some incredible individuals and organizations that are helping the victims of Hurricane Katrina.
see more
June 12, 2005 Episode #256


Finding God inside the magical and mystical world of C.S. Lewis’ The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe… the Chronicles of Narnia. Hollywood is hot on the heels of yet another blockbuster at the box office.  This time... see more
February 1, 2005 Episode #247

A Town Called Waveland

An American tragedy, a drowned city, a billion dollar blow out on the Gulf Coast. Hurricane Katrina has changed the future for Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. A disaster forewarned and forseen, but one that caught us unprepared. As the... see more

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