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April 15, 2007 Episode #311

Sex for Sale

Today on Context with Lorna Dueck – Sex for Sale – a new court challenge aims to have prostitution decriminalized.

It’s been called the world’s oldest... see more

April 8, 2007 Episode #310

Evidence of Easter

Christianity is a faith built on evidence. Historical evidence and evidence of how Christian truths affect people's minds and hearts. For two thousand years there have been challenges to both dimensions of the world's most popular faith.... see more
April 1, 2007 Episode #309

Family Meltdown

Is juvenile delinquency, sexual activity, stealing, gang violence, bullying and teacher victimization increasing among young people? A new study by the Vanier Institute says yes. What are parents and society doing to contribute to the... see more
March 27, 2007 Episode #308

Canadian Aid to Afghanistan

Caring for a country in crisis. As the government renews commitment to Afghanistan, those involved on the front lines dig deeper to address the real cost of healing a nation. Today we look at new approaches to paying the cost for bringing... see more
March 27, 2007 Episode #307

Contemporary Slavery

A Hollywood film tackles one of the greatest social ills of all time with Amazing Grace. The hymn that inspired the movie rose from the ashes of human bondage. The song lives on. So does slavery. If there's one thing Hollywood can't... see more
March 4, 2007 Episode #305

Sects in the City

Living at peace -- learning to love our neighbours when we differ...Muslims & Christians have lived side by side for centuries in many parts of the world, and with varying levels of peace. These two massive religions share many common... see more
February 25, 2007 Episode #304

Amazing Grace & the Abolition of Slavery

It's been 200 years since the Abolition of Slavery, but why is it still happening? Today we look at an event that changed the history of the world - the abolition of slavery. We'll focus on a man known as the Hero of Humanity, William... see more
February 18, 2007 Episode #303

African Green Revolution

Today on Context with Lorna Dueck. Farmers fight for a better way to use aid dollars in Africa. Today the battle over wise use of aid dollars to help the hungriest people. Should foreign aid be used to grow food in Africa and sustain... see more
February 4, 2007 Episode #302

Vancouver's Downtown Eastside

Fighting back against evil as one of Canada's worst criminal trials gets underway.Today on Context with Lorna Dueck, the trial of missing women that has put Canada's justice system into unprecedented challenge on a case which exposes just... see more
January 28, 2007 Episode #301

Selective Parenting

Today on Context with Lorna Dueck - The Baby Business, and where the options science creates are taking us. The natural work of having babies is becoming a complex journey of ethical choices. Reproductive technologies, screening for... see more
January 21, 2007 Episode #300

Celebrating 300 Shows

WE'RE CELEBRATING! It's our 300th show and we're taking the opportunity to look back on where we've come from and reflect on all that we've learned. Denise Lodde, a former producer of this show, has been invited back to help Context with... see more
January 14, 2007 Episode #299

Video Gaming

A 10 billion dollar a year industry - Video Games. Kids clamour for them. Parents worry about their influence. And experts advise caution.
see more

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