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October 12, 2008 Episode #361

The Incredible Summer of Superheroes

They’re known as “superheroes” – those costumed crime-fighters who dedicate their lives to fighting evil in endless acts of “daring-do.”  Born on the pages of comic books 70 years ago, today’s... see more
October 5, 2008 Episode #360

Faith In Our Leaders

A Context with Lorna Dueck exclusive! As the Canadian federal election campaign enters its final phase, we bring you a unique and sure-to-be-controversial perspective on our political leaders.
In keeping with our goal of bringing you... see more
September 28, 2008 Episode #359

After The Horror

It was a July evening, and Canadian missionaries John and Eloise Bergen were just getting ready to settle down for the night at their Kenyan home – when they found themselves fighting for their lives. 
Brutally assaulted, John... see more
June 21, 2008 Episode #358

News You Need

It's our last show of the season and before our production team breaks for the summer, we thought we'd look ahead into the summer. On today's show, we're searching for the Christian perspective on three separate but important... see more
June 14, 2008 Episode #357

Cancer Concerns

The rate of Canadians being diagnosed with cancer is on the rise. And as our population ages, more people are living with—and dying of—the disease than ever before.
Cancer. It’s a word that can strike fear into the... see more
June 1, 2008 Episode #355

Teen Depression

Regulatory bodies around the world have issued warnings about the use of anti-depressants in children and adolescents. But they're warnings that may have had some unintended consequences.
Researchers at... see more

May 25, 2008 Episode #354

Responding To Disaster

Compassion fatigue. Two words that express a reality many of us know only too well. When news breaks of disaster in a country far away, our initial response might be one of deep concern for the victims. Or ... see more

May 18, 2008 Episode #353

Mission of Healing

Today on Context with Lorna Dueck we’ll explore the Pope’s recent visit to the United States, and how he tackled the sexual abuse crisis in the Catholic church. He came. He comforted. Now what?
It could well prove to be the... see more
May 8, 2008 Episode #352

Politicians and their Pastors

The controversial comments of a presidential contender's pastor cause a furor, leading some to question, what’s the role for faith in a politician’s life?

It’s been more than 15 months of endless campaigning. The... see more
May 3, 2008 Episode #351

The Native Apology

Today we’ll hear from those affected by the residential schools. We’ll hear why the government is ready to apologize for wrongs caused and bring you an interview with Indian Affairs Minister, Chuck Strahl, on how the government... see more
April 27, 2008 Episode #350

The Right to a Home - The Story of Vicki Mansell

Twenty-two thousand. It's a big number that represents a group of small people. That's because it's the number of children awaiting adoption in this country. Today on Context with Lorna Dueck, a child's right to a home and ways that you... see more
April 20, 2008 Episode #349

Seeking Truth

"Seeking Truth." Are scientists and academics free to do it? Some say not when it comes to challenging certain, prevailing views.
There's no doubt that the worlds of science and academia are driven by the quest for knowledge. But recent... see more

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