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May 21, 2009 Episode #387

The Young & the Reckless

This week on Context with Lorna Dueck: The Young and the Reckless? The latest research on today’s teens reveals some startling trends.

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: How do you talk to your teens about sex? Write to us at... see more
May 12, 2009 Episode #386

News You Need: 2009

This week on Context with Lorna Dueck: Lessons being learned in some of Canada's most emotional news events. It’s all "News You Need to Know."

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Do you know of an unsung hero? Tell us about it! Write to... see more
May 7, 2009 Episode #385

Science and Faith at War?

Science and faith at war. Is friction between science and faith inevitable? Or are the two more compatible than we might think? That's explored this week on Context with Lorna Dueck.

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Why do you think science trumps... see more
April 30, 2009 Episode #384


“Fear-conomics!” Money’s tight, and people are afraid. Very afraid. We explore how they’re coping this week on Context with Lorna Dueck.

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Have you reordered your priorities as a result... see more
April 23, 2009 Episode #383

Caring for Our Kids

The number of children who come under the protection of the State is growing every year. Here in Canada, we've got one of the highest rates of children-in-care, in the industrialized world. Well over half-a-million kids are in care in the... see more
April 17, 2009 Episode #379

Answering Atheism

Is there a God? A bus ad campaign coming to a city near you is wrestling that out. It's the most important question to answer in life. Many won't agree on our Christian approach to that question. What is the opposing view?... see more
April 9, 2009 Episode #382

Easter Special

This week on Context with Lorna Dueck: It’s Easter! The eggs have been decorated and hidden. But we’re on the hunt for something more. Going beyond the traditions, and behind the holiday to discover the real meaning behind... see more
April 2, 2009 Episode #381

Kids & Spirituality

 Previously aired April 6, 2008
Kids and spirituality. Studies say it's good for their happiness. In this program, we're putting science and spirituality together for some surprising conclusions about happiness.

QUESTION... see more
March 11, 2009 Episode #378

Bailout Beliefs

Paying the price for our economic mess. Wrestling with responsibility for financial collapse that hits close to home. That's explored this week on Context with Lorna Dueck!

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Have you been affected by the economic... see more
February 28, 2009 Episode #367

The Power of an Idea: Cambodia and Its Killing Fields

In this program, we look at the power of an idea. How three individuals who held a deep ideology could lead an entire nation into death and destruction.

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Can man-made courts truly give justice to crimes against... see more
February 19, 2009 Episode #377

Marriage Under Fire

This week on Context with Lorna Dueck: Marriage under fire. Concluding that rings and vows don’t really matter. But do they?

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Your marriage: what made it, what broke it or what keeps it going? Write to... see more
February 13, 2009 Episode #376

After the Horror: Update

It was a July evening, and Canadian missionaries John and Eloise Bergen were just getting ready to settle down
see more

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