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September 29, 2010 Episode #422

Senior Care

Over the next few generations, the worldwide proportion of older people is expected to increase tenfold. Here in Canada - almost one in every three citizens has celebrated a 50th birthday. What will a graying population mean? In this... see more
September 19, 2010 Episode #420


There was unprecedented complaint over the Canadian government’s handling of a national census when it made a move to eliminate the mandatory collection of information on our personal lives. In this episode, we dig into that... see more
September 15, 2010 Episode #421

Peace at Ground Zero

When plans to build a huge Muslim community centre and mosque - two blocks from Ground Zero - get the green light, the outcry is heard around the world. Stare into the gaping hole where the Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre once... see more
September 8, 2010 Episode #419

Get Back to...Where?

Ever been to church? Would you go if you were invited? That’s the point of a new, international campaign called “Back to Church Sunday.” In this program, we explore that campaign set to  take place... see more
June 24, 2010 Episode #418

Abortion: Pro-Voice

Abortion. Pro-Life or Pro-Choice. People on both sides of the issue are increasingly pro-voice. Canada's once dormant abortion debate has resurfaced with a vengeance, and we're digging behind the rhetoric for the new framework behind the... see more
June 9, 2010 Episode #417

Strangers In Our Midst

Immigrants. They leave home - and often family - and all that’s familiar to start over in a new land. Canada has been built on them. Still is. Twenty years from now, it's projected that one quarter of all people in this country... see more
May 30, 2010 Episode #416

Prison Reform

Criminal justice. Those who work in the field say that it's all about building safer communities. But there are differing opinions of how that should be done. Insisting the scales of justice have become unbalanced, Canada's federal... see more
May 16, 2010 Episode #415

A Church in Crisis

In this episode, we're angling our lens at a Church under siege. With accusations flying – and criticism directed at the highest levels of priestly power, how will the Church restore trust? As we turn our attention to the... see more
May 7, 2010 Episode #414

Under the Influence

Since the dawn of recorded history, people have been trying to better themselves. Whether it’s through peer support groups, education, religion, or the media - we pursue the goal of self-improvement, relentlessly. In this... see more
April 25, 2010 Episode #413

Haiti: Out of the Rubble

The numbers for Haiti’s need seem insurmountable. 1.3 million homeless, close to 220,000 dead. 80% of schools in the earthquake zone damaged or destroyed. Places of hope and refuge demolished. A once elite golf course crowded with... see more
April 16, 2010 Episode #412

A Hollywood Ending

This week on Context with Lorna Dueck: Not all Hollywood endings are happy ones. Massive earthquakes. Worldwide nuclear war. Enormous solar flares. Even an angry and vengeful God. All are themes from recent Hollywood films that explore the... see more
March 24, 2010 Episode #410

Afghanistan: Operation Sacrifice

Beyond the headlines and into the trenches-counting the cost for Afghanistan. Context with Lorna Dueck is taking a deeper look behind the policies of Afghanistan and at the people who serve the country best.

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: What... see more

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