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August 5, 2011 Episode #442

Easter: Second Chances

Easter celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the grave. A fact so important – the entire Christian faith hinges on it. But not everyone believes it and today we’re putting your questions about Easter to those... see more
July 29, 2011 Episode #437

Canada's Prison Plan

Prisons, police and public safety. Canada makes them a spending priority. But critics ask - what about the criminals behind the problems? We explore the controversy from our Christian perspective. 

Question of the Week: Canada's... see more
July 22, 2011 Episode #434

Social Media: A Love Story

It’s a fact. Increasing numbers of us are spending more time interacting with people online and less time face-to-face. According to the stats, people who use the internet for personal reasons spend less time on traditional... see more
July 16, 2011 Episode #431

Artful Awakenings

Art galleries and concert halls aren’t the only places to engage art these days. The speed and power of social media make it possible for art to move and inspire people today in ways never before imagined. Whether music... see more
July 8, 2011 Episode #432

Saskatchewan's Success

It’s a province known for its harsh weather and endless stretches of wheat field. And with an economy that’s been largely dependent on its natural resources, Saskatchewan has been referred to as the breadbasket of Canada.

But... see more
July 3, 2011 Episode #439

The Money Show

There’s little doubt that many have been financially worse off since the recession of 2008. So this week, Context with Lorna Dueck goes looking for solid advice on where to look for hope when it comes to your personal finances. We... see more
June 17, 2011 Episode #426

Permitting Prostitution

When an Ontario Superior Court judge struck down Canada's laws surrounding prostitution, she paved the way for any adult to participate in and profit from the sex trade. Legally. The judge in the case made the point that she was ruling in... see more
June 3, 2011 Episode #443

Faith in Democracy

When Canada’s 40th Parliament dissolved, it sent Canadians back to the polls for their fourth general election in seven years. At a price tag estimated to be almost $300-million dollars. But at a time when people around the... see more
May 6, 2011 Episode #440

Game Changers: Concussions

As Canada’s national game of hockey went into play-offs, fans, coaches, players and parents found themselves taking sides on a controversial issue that’s dominated headlines for months. Head shots. They sometimes lead to... see more
April 15, 2011 Episode #411

An Easter Special

In this Easter episode, we bring you a rather preposterous story. Dead people of all types brought back to life. And it’s a holiday to celebrate God’s creative power gone wild. Easter announces that everything about... see more
April 15, 2011 Episode #411

Getting Ready for Easter

Next week we take a look at how some prepare for Easter and explore what Easter mens to them, and we give you a treat. Shrove Tuesday has come and gone, but here's a look at how to make that perfect pancake. 
see more
April 1, 2011 Episode #441

Aftershocks: Japan

Japan’s response to national disaster tested the limits of the human spirit. First an earthquake. Then a tsunami, followed by one nuclear incident after another. How are the Japanese coping? After the dust has settled and relief... see more

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