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December 2, 2011 Episode #1110

Say What! Communication

People often feel the need to get their opinions seen and heard and advances in technology have made that easier. But what happens when what we publicly say or write offends others? Who or what controls the power of what our... see more
November 23, 2011 Episode #1112

Sex Abuse in Sports

It's news that shocked the sports world... a sex abuse scandal involving a former assistant football coach at Pennsylvania State University. Jerry Sandusky, charged with molesting eight boys over 15 years, and since the news broke, more... see more
November 19, 2011 Episode #1111

Occupy Movement

As the world continues to reel from one financial crisis to another – a picture of grassroots discontent is struggling for recognition.  The Occupy movement says iniquities and rampant corporate greed must... see more
October 29, 2011 Episode #1107


Facing the ethical obligation for a country to right it's wrongs. Just how does a Truth and Reconciliation Commission make that progress? 
After being separated from their parents, it’s where over 150-thousand children were sent... see more
October 22, 2011 Episode #1106

Youth Suicide

It claims a life somewhere in the world every 40 seconds but it's an issue that society rarely talks about publicly. Suicide. Among Canada’s youth, suicide is the second-leading cause of death after car accidents and the rate is... see more
October 14, 2011 Episode #1105

Somalia Famine

It's East Africa's worst drought in 60 years and it's killed tens of thousands of people in the last few months. In July the U-N officially declared a famine in two regions of Somalia and it has since reached a total of six areas. Now more... see more
September 25, 2011 Episode #1102

Movies with Meaning

From celebrity sightings to film festivals, our culture is obsessed with the movie industry. 
In 2010 alone, the film industry generated over 86 billion dollars in revenue and its future is expected to shine brighter.
But our... see more
September 17, 2011 Episode #1101

Can We Trust Religion

Extremism is often linked with religion. We’ve seen radical beliefs play roles in the tragic 9/11 attacks, the Arab spring, Norway's recent tragedy and East Africa’s current famine. Many religions claim to be on the rise but... see more
September 10, 2011 Episode #447

9/11: Ten Years Later

Listen Up remembers an anniversary that changed the world. When radical Islamists attacked America a global war on terror was launched. It meant war in Afghanistan against the Taliban. A war that's still going on. From New York to Kabul to... see more
September 2, 2011 Episode #444

Plan B: Chilean Miner Rescue Story

Guest host: Rikki Ratliff 

It was August 5th, 2010 when the San Jose copper and gold mine in Copiapo, Chile collapsed, sealing the miners more than half a kilometer into the ground. Rescue efforts launched immediately, but because... see more
August 19, 2011 Episode #445

Confronting Obesity

Today, we’re looking at an issue that’s shaping our waist lines. Over the last twenty years, we’ve been packing on the pounds. Obesity has doubled worldwide in the last thirty years -- virtually every region of the world... see more
August 12, 2011 Episode #438

Creative Solutions to Alleviate Poverty

In this episode we explore one of God’s biggest public relations challenges. Where is God when children go to bed hungry, or die of curable diseases? According to the World Bank, extreme poverty rates have declined substantially... see more

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