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November 30, 2012 Episode #1214

Consuming Christmas

Every year Canadians spent tens of billions of dollars... on Christmas.  Meet the man behind the "Buy Nothing" Christmas movement, and the writer/broadcaster who has a bone to pick with the whole idea.   see more
November 9, 2012 Episode #1209

Waging Peace

In a world consumed by war, what makes peace such a hard sell? Meet two Christians who've approached war and peace from very different directions.  And the former soldier whose battlefield story captured worldwide headlines.  
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November 2, 2012 Episode #1208


Sources report that 30,000 children and youth are awaiting adoption in Canada. But Statistics aren't always great storytellers. We'll put names to the numbers, and stories behind the stats.
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October 12, 2012 Episode #1205

How Does God Vote?

With the White House at stake and the so-called 'religious vote' up for grabs, we'll ask America's former ambassador to Canada, David Wilkins, about the line separating church and state.
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September 28, 2012 Episode #1203

$ports: Are We Loving the Game to Death?

Anyone who lived it remembers where they were, and what they were doing, when Paul Henderson scored the goal heard 'round the world.  Four decades later, Paul Henderson tells the story you won't hear anywhere else- of triumph, grace,... see more
September 8, 2012 Episode #1136

Believers Under Fire

Believers under the fire of persecution. A man who was imprisoned and tortured for his faith and another who has traveled undercover to serve persecuted churches in Asia for decades. A place of worship is bombed. A pastor is shot for... see more
August 31, 2012 Episode #1127

Voices of Dissent

Today on Context, the high price people pay to protest. For best selling author Marina Nemat, dissent cost her years in Iran's most notorious prison - we'll ask about the faith that helped keep her alive. And Alex Neve of Amnesty... see more
August 24, 2012 Episode #1104


It was the mysterious disappearance of an ordinary Canadian couple who were  on their way to a trade show in Las Vegas.  Today Rita is STILL hoping to find her husband Al.  For the first time, she tells her remarkable story... see more
August 18, 2012 Episode #1134

Church Abuse Scandal

There's unfinished business within the Catholic church. With accusations of sexual abuse and criticism directed at the highest levels of priestly power, how is the church restoring trust? And what about the victims? Trauma and... see more
August 11, 2012 Episode #1138

Nobel Peace Prize Prayers

A prayer that started an activist movement and led to a Nobel Peace prize. On today's show, we're featuring Leymah Gbowee, the Nobel Laureate who said she'd pray the devil back to hell. Leymah Gbowee was a Liberian teenager when she... see more
August 3, 2012 Episode #1103

A World in Debt

World debt level is rising by the minute. Greece, Italy and the United States are facing huge decisions on how to repay government debt and avoid jeopardizing the global economy. Average citizens are reportedly experiencing household and... see more
July 27, 2012 Episode #1121


He breathes the most fire on CBC's Dragon's Den. But on his new show Redemption Inc., Kevin O'Leary offers 10 ex-convicts a second chance, showing there IS a softer side to him. Well... maybe. Watch for both cheers and challenge to Kevin... see more

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