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January 31, 2014 Episode #1318

Prostitution Ruling

A new chapter for the oldest profession: with Canada's prostitution laws struck down in the highest court, the government has a year to implement new laws. What should be the 21st Century response to the practice of sex-for-sale?  
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January 24, 2014 Episode #1316

Olympic gods

Eyes on the prize: Olympian and world champion Elvis Stojko describes what it's like to land a quad with an entire nation on your shoulders- and Catriona Le May Doan on victory, gold, and exactly where her treasure is stored.
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January 4, 2014 Episode #1315


Meet the man who served as Mandela's chaplain on Robben Island; and hear the little-known story of how faith shaped South African reform, the end of apartheid, and Truth and Reconciliation. 
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December 28, 2013 Episode #1313

Year in Review

The headlines of 2013. From the passing of Mandela to chaos in the senate and among big-city mayors. W]e'll review the top stories of a remarkable year.
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December 20, 2013 Episode #1312

Myths of Christmas

Christmas myths- and Christmas realities.  Our stellar panel answers your questions, and takes a warmhearted look at the facts and fictions surrounding the birth of Jesus.
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December 13, 2013 Episode #1310

Refugee Crisis

Is Canada losing its compassion for Refugees?  While the need remains great, Canada has imposed new caps, new costs, new restrictions, and last year resettled the  fewest number of refugees in a generation.
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November 29, 2013 Episode #1309


Scandal. It humbles the mighty, and sells boatloads of papers, but does it do permanent harm to our society? Former Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff and parliamentary veteran Bill Blaikie weigh in. 
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November 15, 2013 Episode #1306

Prosperity Redefined

Redefining 'prosperity.' Is a new generation of churches implying that God will reward the faithful with material wealth?  'Pray for pay'- the so-called 'prosperity gospel'. 
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October 25, 2013 Episode #1303


Syria is the latest brush-fire in a chronically troubled region.  We'll get the Syrian perspective, and an insider's view from the Globe & Mail's Patrick Martin.  Then, meet Reverend Canon Andrew White... the Vicar of... see more
October 16, 2013 Episode #1302

Quebec Charter of Values

The Quebec Charter of Values- the bill that smacked the proverbial ruche (beehive) with the proverbial baton du hockey (hockey stick).  We'll get the political perspective, then hear from those who wear symbols of their faith.
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October 11, 2013 Episode #1301


The tradition of Canadian Thanksgiving is almost as old as Canada itself.  Yet somewhere in the bliss of transformation, reunions, family, feasting, and football, it can feel as though the weekend is more about Thanksgiving... than... see more
October 4, 2013 Episode #1221

Brain Scan Breakthrough

A eureka moment-  a brain scan breakthrough that allowed scientists to communicate with a man in a vegetative state.  With that came a slew of ethical and spiritual questions- and on in particular:  are we wise enough to... see more

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