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Marriage Under Fire

Episode #377 | Added February 19, 2009

This week on Context with Lorna Dueck: Marriage under fire. Concluding that rings and vows don’t really matter. But do they?

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Your marriage: what made it, what broke it or what keeps it going? Write to us

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Lorna's Wrap

As we worked on this marriage show, a wise person in our office said “marriage is not about falling in love, it’s about walking in love.” Nice. In our 29 years of marriage, walking in love has had plenty of chances to trip up. And I can tell you what made it work for me; walking with a third person in the marriage – the person of Jesus Christ. A spiritual truth which has affected our physical reality.
Some of the same principles of getting to know and adapt to a husband apply to getting to know Jesus. Asking the nature of Jesus to live with you, in you, has been a pursuit. Nearly every day I’ve had to make an effort to have an exchange of personhood; change how I naturally react, change because I’m sharing in this three way intimate circle. What Jesus brings to that equation is a much better change than what I bring on my own. Adding spiritual truth to marriage goes the distance; not for just falling in love, but walking in love.



To: Those Threatened by Divorce
From: Mike McManus

How to Save Nine out of Ten Marriages
By Mike McManus

Answers to 25 Tough Questions about Marriage

Better the Broken Engagement

Heart to Heart Family Ministries

Fireproof is still generating heat
By Eric Marrapodi
It was also an unexpected hit. In September it debuted at No. 4 at the box office, eventually bringing in $33.5 million and spawning two books: a novelization, also called "Fireproof," which is in The New York Times' best-seller list's Top 20; and a companion journal to the movie, "The Love Dare," which has sold more than 2 million copies. To read more:

How To "Fireproof" Your Marriage

The Love Dare
In FIREPROOF, Caleb Holt tells his father that he is about to get a divorce. Caleb's dad asks him to wait 40 days before moving forward. Dad's challenge: work a day-at-a-time through a handwritten book he calls The Love Dare.

Central to the movie's plot, The Love Dare is now available from B&H Publishing Group. Written by Alex and Stephen Kendrick, The Love Dare is hands-on study that both men and women can integrate into their marriages.

A deluxe "Legacy Edition" of the book will be available in early 2009. Look for The Love Dare at your favorite Christian store, online, or wherever you buy great books.


Fireproof Your Marriage Curriculum
After seeing FIREPROOF, couples will contemplate the state of their relationship. The FIREPROOF Curriculum from Outreach provides the opportunity for couples to work through these important relational issues.

Featuring clips from the movie, this curriculum is ideal for small groups, Sunday school classes, premarital classes, or for couples to do on their own at home. The six-part study challenges couples to look at love as a lifetime commitment.

Study topics include:

Marriage as a covenant
God-designed differences
Unconditional love

The Fireproof Your Marriage Curriculum is available at your favorite Christian store.

To find out how you can watch the box office suprise success, Fireproof, click here:

To purchase your copy of Fireproof, the novel, click here:

To purchase your copy of The Meaning of Marriage: Family, State, Market and Morals, click here:

To purchase your copy of Living Together: Myths, Risks & Answers, click here:


Dr. Robert George
Author, The Meaning of Marriage

Maggie Gallagher
President, Institute for Marriage and Public Policy

Harriet McManus
Co-Chair, Marriage Savers

Mike McManus
Co-Chair, Marriage Savers

Lemoiquel Williams

Stacey Williams

Music artist and five time Juno nominee



Marriage. For many, the word conjures up images of white weddings and feelings of ‘happily ever after.’ For others, harsh realities behind that word might just as readily create feelings of pain and regret. Here’s why:

Infidelity. Spousal abuse. Just plain falling out of love. Some four out of every ten marriages in North America end in divorce today. So perhaps it’s not surprising that the number of couples choosing to say “I do” is declining. And the number couples who live together is on the rise.

In Canada, and parts of the States, marriage has recently undergone a complete redefinition, giving same sex couples the legal right to marry. Meanwhile, polygamy appears to be the next hurdle facing traditional marriage. Legal experts say the current polygamy ban in Canada could fall to a constitutional challenge, based on religious freedom.

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