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Little Red Wagon

Episode #1225 | Added June 14, 2013

Meet the young man whose compassionate gesture became a nationwide phenomenon - and a major motion picture; and a world-renowned philanthropist discusses the fine art... of giving back. 

Lorna's Wrap

Lorna ends the program with Michael Guillen, CEO of The Philanthropy Project, and asks him about a published statement of his: "At it's best, personal philanthropy is not about being just a goodly person--it's about being a godly person." 



Zach Bonner
Founder, Little Red Wagon Foundation; philanthropist; walked across USA to raise money for homeless kids 

Michael Guillen
CEO, The Philanthropy Project; movie producer, Little Red Wagon

Dr. Jack Templeton
Former pediatrician; President & Chairman, John Templeton Foundation

Prem Watsa
Chairman & CEO, Fairfax Financial Holdings

Mark Blumberg 
Charity Lawyer; Founder, 


Meet the young man, Zach Bonner, whose heroic walk across the US became a nationwide phenomenon--and a major motion picture. Then, spend a few minutes with two world-renowned philanthropists who discuss the art of giving back... as we ask: Are we really any good at giving?

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