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Hurricane Sandy

Episode #1220 | Added January 18, 2013

It took more than a hundred lives, and left survivors with some $71 billion in damage.  We'll update the story of Hurricane Sandy from ground zero- and find out what happens *after* the cameras leave. 

Lorna's Wrap

When it's my turn to face trauma – and as we learned today – 90% of us will face at least one serious trauma in our lifetime, here's what I hope I can experience. I pray I'll discover people who have the call of God on their life to care until the hurting is done. In getting ready for today's program I had to call Rev Don Young – he's a friend I met covering trauma recovery from Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Don and two other pastors brought their churches from a state away into Katrina as a first responder. He remined me that agencies have to move on to the next disaster – but the call of God on lives of people stays. Long term care, long term resilience happens with a connection to the call of God. Don's church folk had that kind of call – they harnessed helping that is still present for three towns in Katrina's wake more than seven years later. The call of God to care is not a short term fix for trauma recovery.
Let us know your insight into trauma recovery. Write to us or post your view on our Facebook or Twitter. One comment gets selected each week for a free book -- thanks for watching -- from all of us, I'm Lorna Dueck.



Brad Cumming
Operation Manager for Burlington Hydro

Darryl Konynenbelt
Former Global TV Reporter; Manager of Public Engagement & New Ventures for World Vision Canada

Steven Southwick, M.D.
Professor of Psychiatry & Professor in the Child Study Center, Yale School of Medicine 

Bruce Piercey
Regional Projects Director, Samaritan's Purse  


Its winds peaked at 175 kilometres per hour- cost more than 250 lives, and for survivors, it left a price tag of some $71 billion. When Hurricane Sandy gathered momentum, reporters jockeyed for the pictures and stories that would best attract an audience. Help arrived from Canada and beyond. Donations poured in. [aftermath shots] But not only after the winds died- so did the public's appetite for wall-to-wall coverage. Coming up- the story from Sandy's ground zero- as we examine what exactly happens after the cameras leave.
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