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Faith that Forgives

Episode #289 | Added October 29, 2006

Today on Context with Lorna Dueck, we take you to Pennsylvania and the Amish schoolhouse tragedy to examine faith that forgives.

When an armed gunman seized and slaughtered young Amish schoolgirls in their one-room schoolhouse in Nickel Mines, Pennsylvania before turning the gun on himself he did more than commit an unspeakable crime. His heinous final acts set in motion a series of events that would turn the eyes of the world to the pretty, pastoral hamlet, and leave them in awe at what they beheld there.

For in the depths of their anguish, the Amish community to which the girls belonged chose to respond to their profound loss not with bitterness and hatred, but with acts and expressions of forgiveness.

And in the days and weeks that followed the tragedy, the world was left to ponder the ramifications of their choice.

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