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Extreme Motherhood

Episode #1436 | Added May 8, 2015

Mother's Day—a time to celebrate the woman who does it all. She wipes your nose, gives great advice, and cheers you on at all your games. Mom: The real life superwoman. And motherhood: the job that never ends. Today on Context, we're going global to see motherhood in a whole new light. We'll visit with a mom and ER doctor who taking her family around the world on an eye-opening adventure of a lifetime. We'll also talk with Order of Canada Recipient, Dr. Jean Chamberlain Froese who's changing the odds of survival for expectant mothers in Africa.

Lorna's Wrap

You don't need to travel around the world to be a great mom, but you do need to go the distance on a very important journey; the long road to soul care. I only had two children but the absolute selflessness it required brought me to my knees. Maybe some moms can get by without that, but I know I couldn't be a good mom without putting my life with Jesus first. I've done a lot of exciting things since our two kids were born, but nothing compares with the fun and satisfaction it was to shape two little people and love and care for them completely. The time went fast, I've got an empty nest, but my relationship with Jesus still defines who I am and guides the changing seasons of life. The most important gift in a mother's skill set is her life with God. 


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