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Context at the Movies

Episode #1317 | Added February 28, 2014

Movies are generating more and more of today's meaningful conversations. In this so-called 'Awards' season, we'll discuss why we rely on film to get us talking about life, death, existence, and the human condition.

Lorna's Wrap

The Bible reveals that God chose many media to speak to His children.  He used His voice.  A burning bush. (Exodus 3) Prophets.  Handwriting on a wall. (Daniel 5) A witch, a ghost, (both 1 Samuel 28) and a talking donkey. (Numbers 22) And if they were silent, the rocks and stones would cry out.  (Luke 19). God speaks in so many languages, so many media, including film.  And today, as church attendance wanes, and movie theatres fill- cinema provides a rare opportunity for positive shared experiences.  We've learned today that sometimes God speaks through films- and sometimes through the conversations they generate. God is not in every film, or book, or story.  But He yearns to engage you in conversation. Listen- and watch for Him. Better yet- start the conversation yourself: just leave plenty of time to listen. For all of us, I'm Lorna Dueck.  Thanks for watching. Join us next week as we explore life beyond the headlines.



Bobette Buster
Screenwriter; Professor, University of Southern California

Jesse Wente
Head of Film Programmes, TIFF Bell Lightbox


More than newspapers, magazines and even books- movies are generate today's meaningful conversations: about our stories, our moral health, our relationships, our dreams, and our nightmares. In this so-called 'Awards' season we're asking: "Why have we come to rely on film to get us talking about life, death, existence, and the human condition?" Sit back, grab some popcorn, and we'll find out. This is Context - a look at life beyond the headlines.

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