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Christmas Special: Longing for Belonging

Episode #296 | Added December 23, 2006

We've gathered in the home of a friend for today's Christmas broadcast. We hope this setting will help you feel a family welcome to our interviews today. We're in beautiful Oakville, Ontario, Canada. Here one of our broadcast friends has prepared a Christmas wonderland for you to enjoy. Our topic is the Longing for Belonging. We all have a spark that says who is my family? That can sometimes have a complicated, and even painful conclusion. Today, the search for a happy ending in the quest to answer our longing for belonging.  Here are our story guests for today. Faith Goodman is a volunteer with the Children's Aid Foundation of Toronto. Faith lives in a city where there is not enough homes for children. She'll tell us why and what to do about it. Trent Kilner has no family line or documentation to explain his origins, his doesn't even know his birth date. Trent had an interesting reunion with our next guest Thanh Campbell. Thanh has three young sons, and is co-ordinator of a reunion of Operation Babylift. That was a government sponsored evacuation of 57 orphaned babies rescued from Vietnam that arrived in Canada Operation Babylift is reuniting these young men, we'll hear their journey today.  Longing for Belonging, someone working behind the scenes on this story and now stepping into the picture is our own associate producer, Melinda Estabrooks, and she's brought along her dad - Paul Estabrooks. Melinda's own story involves a dramatic reunion with a birth mother who had to leave her at a Philippine orphanage. We'll hear father & daughter realities of the longing for belonging.Christmas the celebration of God forever welcoming us into supernatural love through the gift of Jesus. Jesus began walking with the human race by becoming a baby in a manger. The gift that launched our celebration of Christmas. Bigger love than what our hearts can imagine. God invites us to move through our brokenness and bring our longing for belonging to Jesus. The Christmas message is that that there has been enough love given to set your world right again. That's what salvation means.

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