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Child Poverty

Episode #1320 | Added June 5, 2014

A quarter century after parliament voted to end child poverty - one in seven Canadian children live below the poverty line. Is the goal realistic? And what does it take to end child poverty?

Lorna's Wrap

Four chapters into the Bible we encounter the question: "Am I my brother's keeper?" Throughout its pages a picture emerges of a loving God whose answer, unequivocally, is yes. Jesus taught us in particular to tend to the vulnerable. And to take delight in caring for one another - as we'd have others care for us. And while we wait for our parliamentary system to pass more bold declarations, and take action, perhaps the most Christ-like response is for each of us to do our part to help, today. For all of us, I'm Lorna Dueck. Thanks for watching. Join us next week as we explore life beyond the headlines. 


Adrienne Montani
Provincial Coordinator, First Call, BC 

Laurel Rothman
National Coordinator, Campaign 2000

Chris Selley
Columnist, National Post

Dave Toycen
President & CEO, World Vision Canada


In 1989, Parliament voted unanimously to eradicate Child Poverty in Canada by the year 2000.  On the 25th anniversary of that vow, 967 thousand Canadian Children- about one in seven- live below the poverty line. That's an increase from 1989 numbers. And in British Columbia, the number is closer to one-in-five. What does it take to end child poverty? In a moment, Lorna unpacks the research with Vancouver child welfare expert Adrienne Montani. Then travel with WorldVision CEO Dave Toycen to gain a global perspective on child poverty. 

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