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Best Of 2008

Episode #371 | Added December 26, 2008

We're on the threshold of a New Year. A year that's sure to be filled with its share of challenges and joys. But how many of the situations that we face in the coming months, will have their roots in 2008? The stories that shaped our nation and our world in 2008. How will they impact us going forward? That's explored this week on Context with Lorna Dueck.

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Lorna's Wrap

We’ve just had a look back on a year of stories around the world that have caught our attention at Listen Up TV. Its our hope that reflecting on the year that was, gives some energy to our resolve to make the year ahead the best yet. Seasons of fresh resolve are important to humanity. Having the opportunity to begin anew can be nothing less than a gift of grace. A gift that God, in His wisdom, gives us not just with every New Year, but with every new day. In many ways, what happens to our physical world will always be beyond our own choice. But our spiritual realities, that is our choice. As a Christian – I’ve written about this on my blog at, because, this dawn of a new year, is a new time for me to bring my life to the God who loves us all, and ask for a new beginning - for me. And as sure as a new day rises tomorrow on 2009, God responds to my plea for a new beginning for my soul.




It's been observed that "turbulent changes don't affect reality on a deeper level - other than to cement the status quo." In other words, "the more things change, the more they stay the same." If that's true - then reflecting on the lessons of history -even recent history - can be valuable.

So today we’re looking back over some of the stories that shaped 2008. At Context with Lorna Dueck, we're all about news that takes you deeper. We’re the Christian show that looks for evidence of God at work behind the headlines of the day.

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