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Adoption: A Smart and Caring Nation?

Episode #1321 | Added May 7, 2014

In a rare television interview, Governor General David Johnston discusses Canada's ongoing adoption crisis. With thirty thousand children and youth looking for a home, how should Canadians respond? It's CONTEXT... from Rideau Hall.

Lorna's Wrap

Our giving moment at Context TV is to push hard on publicizing the need for Canada's children and youth who still need parents. I found my own parents through adoption, so this hits close to home. Most of the 30,000 children waiting for adoption in Canada are not babies. They are over the age of four. In one case study we looked at, Guelph, Ontario, 105 adoptions are needed. 80% of those are over the age of 12. I was adopted at the age of two, and I get it that every month a child spends in transition adds more "complications." The word "adopt" means "to choose". It's the same word recorded in the Bible that describes how God approaches the human race. Choosing - or adopting - to love us. So join us in our campaign on the need to choose adoption. Each inquiry will be handled personally here on this subject. For all of us, I'm Lorna Dueck. Thanks for watching. Join us next week as we explore life beyond the headlines.


"Canada's 30,000 Adoptable Children in a Labyrinth of Policy and Social Issues" 
Article for by Bruce & Tracy Clemenger  

Adoption Council of Canada
Where to Start

Every Child Deserves a Family; program of the Adoption Council of Ontario 

Adoption Sunday
Evangelical Fellowship of Canada 

Ontario Association of Children's Aid Societies 
The voice of child welfare in Ontario

Children and Youth Matter
Sign-up for pre-order on this new resource (June 2014 release) by Bruce & Tracy Clemenger

If you’ve tried the resources, and feel you have the capacity to take in an older Canadian child for permanent parenting, call or email our Viewer Relations Coordinator, Lesley (1-800-215-4913), and we will connect you to an adoption advocate who can help you. 


His Excellency David Johnston
Governor General of Canada; Adoptive Father and Grandfather; Creator, My Giving Moment

Tracy Clemenger
Author, Children and Youth Matter; Founder,; Parent, Children & Youth Advocate

Bruce Clemenger
President, Evangelical Fellowship of Canada; Author, Children and Youth Matter; Founder,


Imagine 30,000 children and youth in Canada waiting for adoption. It's reality. 30 thousand homes are urgently needed for Canadian children needing parents. Most are over the age of four. To discuss this adoption crisis in Canada, Lorna is granted a rare interview with Governor General David Johnston in the drawing room at Rideau Hall. His Excellency offers insights he's encountered in studying adoption, the need to put faces and names to the statistics, and suggests causes- and remedies- for one of Canada's biggest, most invisible problems. Then, Lorna checks in with authors and adoption advocates Tracey and Bruce Clemenger on the daily struggle to communicate the needs of these thousands of children. This is Context -a look at life beyond the headlines.

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