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January 1, 2007

The Evangelical Leadership Has A Lot To Answer For

I'm having trouble believing what has happened to Ted Haggard could happen to someone who was voted to represent 30 million evangelicals in the United States.
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November 7, 2006

Where The Church Might Help The State

Ontario MPP David Levac, whose riding covers this disputed ground, spoke passionately of the need for peace and pleaded with churchgoers to "eliminate the tricksters -- they are all over us."
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November 7, 2006

Lorna Dueck Took Your Questions On The Ted Haggard Scandal

We were pleased to have Ms. Dueck taking questions throughout the day on her column. This was not one of our usual hour-long live discussions. Rather, this was a question-and-answer session. You may continue the conversation by leaving a comment using our comment function. Your questions and Ms. Dueck's answers appear at the bottom of this page.
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September 29, 2006

Can Johnny have two mommies and a dad?

Is this a way to deal with the heartache of divorced parents who'd just love their new spouse to finally be a legal parent? Perhaps this is just the ticket to argue your mother-in-law can have the role in raising the kids she's always wanted.
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August 6, 2006

Give Kids A Sexual Safety Net

There are two important approaches to how we protect children in this new age of sex. First, the practical dilemma as old as having kids: Can you talk to them?
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May 29, 2006

He's Not At A Theatre Near You

And that's the cold truth about the marketplace: Those are the rules, even if the movie is one that deeply offends Christian belief and experience.
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April 5, 2006

Schools And Religion Do Mix

Now, a mother from Richmond, B.C., is applying her secularism to the public education system and has objected to her son's school newsletter giving parents the option of allowing their children to receive a free Bible.
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March 11, 2006

There's a lot we can learn from the Amish

The service-minded but reclusive Amish are well aware of the concern and support of an outside world, and that their lives gave a perspective that has ushered in an encounter with the supernatural.
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January 31, 2006

Have Faith: The Tories will move slowly on moral issues

It was a moment where the country's Constitution and its spiritual beliefs merged as we followed the dedication of the Charter, and offered Parliament up to the supremacy of God.
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December 23, 2005

For Some, Noel Is About Cash; For Others, A Creche

Stretch that to a seasonal metaphor for how Canada is transitioning from hands-on care to a cash machine for children. We've spent billions of dollars in "gift cards" for children we're woefully out of touch with. There are 300,000 in our nation who the Children's Aid Foundation says are at "high risk of abuse and neglect."
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November 30, 2005

The Making of Moral Majority

The sleeping giant of Canada's God-conscious majority has begun to apply itself to the business of who gets into political office.
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August 22, 2005

A war for the soul of India's hospitals

If we help save the dying missionary hospitals of the Third World, we'll also learn much about the pitfalls of for-profit health care.
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