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July 1, 2000

Thank You God For Canada

The United Nations Human Development 2000 ranking placed Canada as the best overall quality of life for the seventh consecutive year.
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June 1, 2000

Faith Matters More Than Canadians Like To Admit

Canadians love to stand with satisfaction and watch the zamboni slowly move about and leave a smooth surface for the game to begin.
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April 1, 2000

War Torn Sierra Leone

Among the most haunting images on tape were war victims who had been brutally amputated by rebels, many who were children, axed at their leg or arm.
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January 1, 2000

The True Meaning Of Christmas

How did it happen, how has it come to be that this celebration has seized the attention of humankind? Why does it turn your world delightfully into chaos, expectation, expense and hopefully, into a few, quiet, silent nights?
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December 1, 1999

Christmas Values

Christmas really is a complicated recipe of hopes and history and about now anxiety starts to bake.
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November 1, 1999

How Would You React

A country where rebel soldiers grab a toddler or baby, place it's arm against a cotton tree and chop it off. Thousands of adults are unable to work, they too have been brutally amputated as a sign of rebels marking their turf. Can their be any greater offense?
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August 1, 1999

Need For Rest

Vacations and the freedom they represent bring about the kind of discussion that can leave everyone wanting. You either can't afford it, can't agree on it, can't manage the time away .... before you know it, you've whined your way back to work.
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March 1, 1999

The Secret For Sizzling Romance

I'll talk from experience here and readily admit that it may be time for a tune up. My partner for life and I are just back from a marriage enrichment retreat and we're ready to spill the beans on how to keep the sizzle going years after the honeymoon. But first - let's talk courtship.
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February 1, 1999

A Healing For Child Pornography

Children simply absorbing the examples of adults, trustingly doing what they were told to do. At 15, Gerry had his first drink of wine with a youth worker over a game of cards. For every hand he lost, he had to sip another drink.
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January 1, 1999

Christianity In The North

I can't begin to guess what was going through the mind of a man so keenly connected to the Inuit community, but like the Prime Minister, the experience of tragedy in the North has given me opportunity to look at what the Inuit will reach for when there is a need to heal.
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December 1, 1998

Let's Talk About Gifts That Won't Hit Our Wallet

Things that give me that feeling of "this is perfect, they'll love it, it'll be great," but things that I won't notice when it's time to pay back the credit card bill.
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October 1, 1998


Parents want to do things with their kids, boomers like to hang on to the memories of childhood and retailers are only too happy to provide the scary stuff that gobbles up our spending.
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