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March 4, 2016
Lorna Dueck

Canadian politicians are on the cusp of finalizing death on demand. We’ve got a short window, perhaps as quickly as April 1, 2016 to speak our opinion on how we wish Canadian law on assisted death to be written. A parliamentary committee has made 21 recommendations for how Canadians can start legally killing one another in the name of compassion. The 60 page report goes far beyond what the Supreme Court ruling advised last February, and it’s a bewildering time for Canadians who value conscience rights, care for the vulnerable, and the intrinsic values that come from caring for people who are in any stage of suffering.  

The government committee was not unanimous in its recommendations, dissenting parliamentary opinions warn that what has been proposed has: 

  • no safeguards for mental health conditions
  • no bolstering of palliative care options; in effect we are mandating doctors to kill a patient before we are mandating that palliative care and proper pain management be available for all Canadians
  • a requirement that doctors  who refuse to kill a patient must make sure that someone else does it. 
  • an open door call for “mature minors” to be allowed to request their deaths.

Imagine, death on demand for depressed teenagers, or even as Dying with Dignity representatives have advised, for young children.

“So it is that assisted suicide has gone, in the space of a year, from a crime, to something to be tolerated in exceptional circumstances, to a public service. Perhaps you see this as progress. But I cannot help feeling that a society that can contemplate putting children to death has somehow lost its way” wrote national pundit Andrew Coyne.  

Canadian doctors, nurses and pharmacists are reeling from the effect this has on their conscience rights, believing they should not be compelled to offer referrals, or dispense medications they know are for suicides. Faith based organizations, which opened hospitals, hospices, and senior care homes out of an ethic to alleviate suffering, are alarmed they may be required to violate their deeply held convictions.

Cardinal Thomas Collins, the Archbishop of Toronto read the recommendations and declared, “They should shock us to the core, especially if we believe, complacently and incorrectly, that the change in the law will affect only people with grave physical illness, who have lived a long life, and are near death.”

Jean Vanier, a Canadian who created the world’s finest care facilities for vulnerable people and Holle Card, of L’Arche Canada issued a stark warning that with the proposed physician assisted death recommendations, Canada is dangerously close to losing treasured communal values. Dozens of front line caregivers are joining Mr.Vanier’s vulnerable persons plea, asking the public for signatories to voice concern over the current parliamentary recommendations.

“We have learned that it is the most fragile among us who are the closest to their humanity, to their suffering, and to their need to be loved. It is they who show the rest of us the way to live in truth and in love,” wrote Vanier and Card. 

We all need to get writing to lawmakers on this issue.  I’ve left links below to click through and put your opinion into this dismal legislation, but it is most important to write your opinion to those in charge of  this legislation:

Prime Minister

Justice Minister

Health Minister

Leader of the Opposition

Your Member of Parliament


There are many problems with euthanasia, but the main ones are that it is morally wrong and it devalues human life, the safeguards are not completely effective, hence the slippery-slope. Euthanasia should not even be a last resort option. Rather, the struggle that terminally ill patients go through should drive the medical profession to find options and resources to help these patients in ways that are in line with the purpose of their profession to heal and protect human life. Christians in particular should fight against this right to die legislation, by speaking out against the evolutionary mindset that is behind it. If humans are just evolved animals and there is no afterlife then euthanasia probably would be the kind thing to do, BUT that is NOT the case. God is the author of life. Humans are created in the image of God.
March 15, 2016 | Ruth Lilly

Somehow we have lost perspective. Our country was founded on biblical principles, which it has chosen to stray further and further from. We have lost perspective on what is right versus wrong and what sin really is. God created us and placed us on this earth to honour him in good and difficult times. It is not for us to choose to take a life that was gifted to us. To do that is to disrespect the creator. While we long for a life free from challenges, which we will receive in due time if we have accepted his free gift of salvation, for now we must strive to honor him in all circumstances. Why don't we give him a chance and follow him whole heartedly to see what he has for us instead of trying to make our own way. If my wife had given up after contracting flesh eating disease in 2005, her kids would have grown up without a mother and her testimony would not be what it has been. No her path has not been easy, but it has been rewarding. If I had given up after contracting cancer in 2011, the same could be said. We don't know Gods plans and purposes and should not be taking control out of his all knowing and powerful hands. Let God be God.
March 13, 2016 | Scott

Every decision the Liberal government is making is against human morality. What will be their response to northern communities trying to cope with multiple suicides? Send in medical team to euthanize every youth that is discontent with their life today? We're on a VERY slippery slope here.
March 12, 2016 | Carol Ferguson

There's a big difference between taking someone off life support and wanting to play God and take a life.
March 11, 2016 | Valerie Priest

There is a HUGE difference between dying with dignity and ending one's own life. Dying with dignity is what my father in law did. He became too ill to eat or drink, was bedridden while his limbs locked. We removed all support systems, had him kept comfortable and pain free, and held his hand while he passed. I spoke to him about his life and what a wonderful husband, father and grandfather he had been. I also spoke of how it was time for him to go. To follow those he loved and to know that we would be ok without him. That is dignity. The right to die should be a given, the right to cause that death should not.
March 11, 2016 | Barbara Outhouse

Our "Real Change" new government seems committed to value human autonomy higher than human life. The SCC decision to grant exceptions to our Criminal Code for two terminally ill patients did not create a new "right" for end of life to every competent Canadian who demands it. Such extreme euthanasia laws exist nowhere else in the world. Our new government was elected on a claim to be the party of compassion for Syrian refugees. Sadly they lack such compassion for mentally ill and disabled Canadians -- very sad! Recent reports from Belgium indicate that 32% of people who were euthanized there never requested this, and 47% of deaths by euthanasia were never reported. Can we expect the same or more in Canada? The lack of real safeguards against abuse of any new law by June seems to make this inevitable here. Secularism is gaining more control over our laws. Suicide is now encouraged by our new government -- very sad!
March 7, 2016 | Al Hiebert

Life is a gift and is precious. I am greatly troubled by the legislation for assisted dying and I truly believe it is a slippery slope. March 7,2016 / Winn Blackman
March 7, 2016 | Winn Blackmam

I believe the Hon. Justin Trudeau, should really think long and hard on this subject. Canada has been a blessed country up to now. If this law is passed, how in the world are our health care givers going to sleep. I believe this is so very very wrong and its from the devil. Those countries that have this in effect how are they doing? Are they countries that have lost the blessing of God? I really fear for our country and I love Canada and I love God, He has been so good to us.
March 7, 2016 | Arlene Hunter

The Liberal Party will in the future have to contend with being the party of Death. From Trudeau's insistence on pro-abortion for all Liberal members and now for the most progressive laws for assisted suicide in North America that everyone knows will become looser and looser, they will have that stigma. But my real concern is how do we contend with a Supreme Court that bows to the wishes of small minorities. The SCC should not be making POLICY but INTERPRETING the law. I feel the Charter of Rights and Freedoms is a masquerade that gives policy makers a free pass on such laws. When I hear the term "Dying with Dignity" it makes me feel ill.
March 7, 2016 | M.Kaufman

I'm totally against this and I don't understand how something so huge can just get through the system. With just a small group of people thinking this is a good thing. Do the rest of us not matter this is so wrong on so many levels I thought we had people that were smart making these decisions but I guess I was wrong no this is not good how many times does it have to be said stop this. Laurie mennie
March 7, 2016 | Laurie Mennie

sure hope our politicians are at least struggling with the implications and consequences; this really gives me serious motivation to pray for all our leaders: The video is on the site! For the English version: For the French version:
March 7, 2016 | Brian Keane

This has potential to radically change Canadian lifestyle. If people are choosing when they want to die, then we may have 'good bye parties' instead of funerals. Why bother to have a funeral when you can see the person one last time before their death day. Why have coffins and elaborate buriel. Throw them in the local incinerator and put up a plaque. Choosing DEATH really has the potential to change how we LIVE. It is legislation based on a world without God. Ask the local undertaker how they feel this will change the industry. It will change how we look at Egyptian history and the whole underworld. It denies heaven and earth. Where is George Orwell when you need him. Someone write some lit on this 'experiment'. Barbara Pulst
March 7, 2016 | barbara pulst

I fear for the vulnerable persons especially the elderly , the disabled and the depressed .
March 7, 2016 | Norma Harris

I am deeply troubled about the legislation for assisted dying. I wonder which one of us had the privilege of saying when we would like to be born, to whom we would like to be born and where and how we would like to be born. Our God is able and wise and will give us the gift of life at His chosen time and He will also take us home with Him at His time. Much in the bible is said about suffering and we are even warned that suffering will be part of our earthly journey. Our greatest need is not dying but learning how to live, placing complete faith in our Creator.
March 6, 2016 | Lorna Dawdy

I watch your show every Sunday, I try to enter the book giveaway once in awhile if it's something that I find interesting. This is certainly one I'd be interested in assisted death, but it's the same thing all the time I have trouble getting to the site to enter. I don't understand why . Thank you Lorna I really your show . D. Morie
March 6, 2016 | DeDee Morie

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