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April 23, 2009
Lorna Dueck

Every time I raise the subject of adopting or fostering one of Canada’s children in need, my husband of 29 years gives me his trademark kindness reply. It’s a smile he has that prefaces every reality check he seems ordained to provide to me. Bottom line, it does not appear evident that the Dueck family will be stepping in soon to provide a home for one of Canada’s 22,000 children who are waiting for adoption. Most are over the age of four, with challenges and as you will see on this week’s show, the needs of Canadian children at risk are increasing in this economic meltdown.

The costs of caring for them was brought home to me when in Manitoba last weekend where I received, ironically, an award for Christian leadership. At the ceremony I met old friends, Brian and Sheila, whose family life had shaped mine. They were spending each of their weekends doing respite care for foster parents of two aboriginal pre-teens. Hard work, they acknowledged, but so worth while they said. I smiled because it was Brian’s mom and dad who provided respite care on weekends for me when I was 17 and 18 and needed the modeling of what normal and healthy family life was. How thankful I am for that family that took me in, just as I am of my own adoptive family who sacrificed immensely to take in a high risk toddler, and my own birth parents. I was one of those needy kids who needed an expansive network of parenting.

It’s with that kind of personal experience that we put this program to air this week hoping to inspire us all into God’s love for children at risk. If you think you can help our social services in this area write to me to get connected.


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