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May 14, 2009
Lorna Dueck

This comes up often around here; What will you do about God? Whatever I am doing on life’s journey, that question intersects daily. That’s why we looked the variety of news events we did on the program this week; real life that kept intersecting with decision that were being processed with God in mind.

What will you do about God eventually becomes more natural to answer as you keep facing the question. Responding becomes just as common and easy to process as what do I want to eat for lunch. Over time you realize you’ve learned the mechanics of being in relationship with God.

Let’s stick with the lunch anaology; you have a need and you fill it, using an assortment of diverse ways. An entire delivery system has been accessed for you to get what you need for the variety of lunch options that will refresh and keep you healthy. But when you starve your soul, mind and heart, you suffer. I’d be dry toast in less than three days if I wasn’t reaching for God. It’s a very conscious thing for me to pray, “Jesus, I need you.”

God says He Loves us, we need Him, and that Jesus is our bridge into a relationship with God. The big question is what will we do about God’s invitation to be in relationship with us? There needs to be a starting point for each of us, a faltering steps point, and a growing to where knowing the reality of God’s love is a tangible part of what makes us human, of what gives us our purpose.

To be known and loved by God, to give our life back to God, is the purpose of life.


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