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May 2, 2009
Lorna Dueck

By the end of the week I was washing my hands a lot. It's what we're supposed to do to stay safe and be smart, but it doesn't do much to allay fears of people who ask me "don't you wonder what's really going on?" Here's what I pick up from my encounters with those outside my office this week: Pandemic warnings make people wonder if God is moving in with judgment on the world. So that's how we start to percolate on stories here; we'll sit around and share what questions people ask us, what do people want to know about God and then we'll debate if we're equipped to address them. Do you think we should do some educating about how God says the world as we know it will end? There are scholars who can help us interpret the Bible warnings on plagues, national churches have pandemic plans in place, would you like us to check it out? What spiritual issues about pandemic would you like to see us cover?


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