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June 26, 2014
Karla Adolphe

June 20, 2013 the day that changed our lives forever.  It was a devastating day I remember with razor-sharp clarity, but a beautiful thing has happened, we have changed and the ache is fading in the light of who we have become.

If you are just joining my family on this day please feel free to start at the beginning.  Re-reading these blogs has reminded me of the tremendous heartache we have endured this past year, but boy am I proud of my little family!  My son who has matured into a caring, aware and courageous 4 yr old who exhibits nothing but deep love for his new world and new sister.  My baby girl who has added so much peace, joy and smiles to us, what an absolute gift she is!  And of course my hard-working, gracious, strong tower of a husband Gary, who has set his mind and hands to the task of rebuilding our home, businesses and life!  I toast you Family in the Flood, you are what life is all about and you make this mamma proud!

I remember a year ago we were living in a hotel in Calgary the first week after the flood and all we wanted was to go “home” to our RV in the backyard of our new home!  We had just bought a fixer upper on June 1 and had big, big dreams to renovate it and have a fun summer living in the backyard.  We did get to live in a trailer all summer, but not our trailer and not in our backyard.  In that first week I reached out to friends in Minot, ND who had experienced a similar flood a few years earlier, I needed to hang on to the words of someone who had traveled this road before.  

"One year, in one year you will be home in a beautiful house that will be much stronger and more beautiful than before."

I HATED this encouragement, and have fought against the passing of these last 12 months, the necessary time it takes to rebuild a home and transform a life.  There are challenges in life that require TIME; time to grieve and be angry, time to be humbled and time for resurrection.  I have been deeply humbled by the fact that it has taken a year to get back into the main floor of our home, and still we have so many loose ends that remain unsettled.  Dare I say I am know at least a respecter of time, not quite a friend, but a careful observer?  

It has taken a year and yes it is true we are home in a more beautiful and sound home!  We are knit together with people in High River in a stronger and more beautiful way!  We have lost many things and even some friendships, but we are confident that the lasting Goodness of God is flowing through our veins.  

Hope flows to the lowest spot, fills us up and then rages into the rest of us, in this Hope we live, breath, move and have our being!


Meet Karla's family and hear the heart-wrenching story of recovery after devastating floods in High River, Alberta on Context. Blog posted with permission, originally found here

Over the past eight years, Karla Adolphe has created a diverse career for herself touring North America in a 40ft RV performing as a solo artist, in the roots duo Jacob and Lily, and in the Colorado duo The Emporiums. Karla is currently touring across Canada in support of Honeycomb Tombs, an album inspired by and devoted to the subject of grief.  With over 10,000 downloads this album is evidence that Karla’s songwriting, singing and artistic talent is connecting her to a broad global audience. Full bio can be found here.


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