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May 29, 2009
Lorna Dueck

To know me is to know an optimist. It’s a wonderful orientation to be gifted with. But there are occasions when this optimist needs fuel to maintain that positive outlook. When news broke this week of the tragic murder of Tori Stafford I was sad to read a young woman accused in this, Terri Lynn McClintic, spent her young life in family breakdown and a most reckless teenage life. She had been set up for failure, and I’m discouraged at how vicious the attacks of sin can be on a young life as what appears to be unfolding now in the Tori Stafford case. Our program this week takes a turn into young girls and sin; and it ends with a strong push for Jesus into the lives of teens and parents. This comes from Ed and Linda Smith, whose own teen daughter was murdered, and let’s learn their gripping story.

So this week I reached for something to refresh my optimism that evil will not win. The Dangerous Duty of Delight by John Piper is a small book that gives me the right kind of smack when I wallow in a pity party. It reminds me that we are duty-bound to pursue the joy of God. You start that by repeating “thank you” a lot, by simply shouting to God your thanks for being alive and knowing God, rather than just stewing over what’s going wrong. It’s dangerous to be glib about praising God, but it is the turning tool to optimism, because you realize God is sovereign, in control, and you are not.

So I’ll end this on a lighter note; I’m thankful I have been ordered to throw these things pictured below out. I was inspired by a friend’s physique to imitate her runs on these kanga boots. So for the last month I have been doing that and last night I fell, badly, on them. Only my guardian angels kept me from knocking out my teeth. I have a very protective husband, against his better judgment he had suffered me on these, but now, he’s just grumpy that I dispose of them now. The neighbors are having a garage sale tomorrow and have welcomed them at their table.

Thank you God!


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